How Proxy Protects You?

The proxy is becoming more and more popular, so people want to know that how the proxy actually works. There are different kinds of proxies available, but the main reasons of all these are almost same, the reason for which most of the people use Unblock Proxy Server is to unblock social websites in restricted areas like colleges, offices or any country in which some websites are blocked by the government. The other reason is to hide the identity of the user from the insecure world of internet.


The most important thing for the users is IP address, the IP address of any system contain enough information about the user, its location etc. Actually the IP address is used by different websites for better working of the websites and to know from which location the users are accessing the websites, and make analysis about the traffic on websites.

The proxy servers’ (i.e. Facebook Proxy) masks the real IP address of the user with a fake IP address and keeps the users’ information hidden and the user will be protected from the threats from the hackers and identity thieves. Some marketing companies also monitor the browsing of different users to send them spam mails about different products by help of their browsing behavior. So with the proxy server you can also overcome this problem, as these companies monitor the users with help of their IP address.

Web proxy is commonly used, the Free Web Proxy is website, you can open it and just you have to do is type the URL of the desired website in the search  box of the web proxy and the site will be open using the IP address of the web proxy.

The other method to browse anonymously is hide IP software; it can be easily downloaded and installed on your system, once installed it will mask your IP address every time you access the web. It is not often free but you can use a trail version for some time and its premium version is also available at a very reasonable price.

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