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How to Access Blocked Websites

In recent years many schools and offices usually block websites such as YouTube, MySpace and many others, if you are fed up with the restrictions that limit your use of the internet, you may want to know about the ways through websites can be unblocked. There are many easy ways of getting to blocked websites very easily. There are Free Web Proxy sites available which will allow you to access any blocked website bypassing the network filters imposed on internet users by the network administration of the organization or country government.


When using Unblock Proxy Server, you are able to connect to the server before you reach the destination URL. This means you only need the IP address that the proxy provides you with in order to surf the internet. All the data that you need is encrypted from the server and given to you.

No-Socializing Now you will want to know that why network administrators block these websites, the network administrator often block social websites, these websites are most visited ones, and they think that these are waste of time of the employee or student of any organization. They block the access with help of IP address of the systems in the network.

When you are using proxy server, you are using the IP address of the proxy server hiding your real IP address, so when you access the blocked website, the network administrator will not be able to get your real IP address and can’t block your access to the websites.

Many people have questions about proxy servers that either they are legal or illegal, they are not illegal. It is just that the mode of their operation is such that a classic case of how technology can be counterproductive.

The thing what you have to note is that you must know about the proxy server which you want to use, it must be from a dependable source because all your data will pass through it, and if you are using unreliable proxy your data is at risk. I will recommend you to use YouTube Proxy for School.

How Does Anonymous Surfing Protect?

When it comes to anonymous surfing, there are three main ways available to remain anonymous surfing the internet:

  1.  web-based anonymous proxy
  2. Protocol dependent proxies
  3. VPN tunneling

Web based anonymous proxy is an internet based service that allow you to browse the web through a proxy server with enhanced security features. Web based anonymous proxies are used only for web browsing. The working procedure of web based anonymous proxy is very simple, the user just has to open the Unblock Proxy Server site and enter the URL of the desired websites in its address box and after pressing enter button you will be able to access the website by using the IP address of the web proxy. There are some limitations however, as the main drawback of this technology is that the proxy doesn’t allow you to view all sites, more specifically the secure sites. It prevents you from viewing sites for banking and shopping purposes.


The other method is installing proxy server, installing proxy servers is significant way to carry out an anonymous surfing. There are in fact, a wide range of proxies that are used to carry out varying activities. For instance, you can use Free Web Proxy for browsing, for sending e-mail you can use a re-mailer and may more. However, the user of protocol dependent proxies is quite common these days.  The various protocols depend proxies include web proxy, socks proxy and SSH tunneling. The main drawback of using this technology is that they are entirely protocol dependent, so the software installed on your computer should have enough proxy support.

VPN tunneling is one of the best solutions that, assists in anonymous surfing. This web technology is widely used by financial intuitions, governments’ agencies and other large co-operations to provide security and privacy features to their data. Besides anonymous surfing, these protocols also help you to make an effective utilization of the internet. This technology does support data encryption policy.

If you want to browse the web anonymously without paying anything I will recommend you to use Facebook Proxy.

How Proxy Protects You?

The proxy is becoming more and more popular, so people want to know that how the proxy actually works. There are different kinds of proxies available, but the main reasons of all these are almost same, the reason for which most of the people use Unblock Proxy Server is to unblock social websites in restricted areas like colleges, offices or any country in which some websites are blocked by the government. The other reason is to hide the identity of the user from the insecure world of internet.


The most important thing for the users is IP address, the IP address of any system contain enough information about the user, its location etc. Actually the IP address is used by different websites for better working of the websites and to know from which location the users are accessing the websites, and make analysis about the traffic on websites.

The proxy servers’ (i.e. Facebook Proxy) masks the real IP address of the user with a fake IP address and keeps the users’ information hidden and the user will be protected from the threats from the hackers and identity thieves. Some marketing companies also monitor the browsing of different users to send them spam mails about different products by help of their browsing behavior. So with the proxy server you can also overcome this problem, as these companies monitor the users with help of their IP address.

Web proxy is commonly used, the Free Web Proxy is website, you can open it and just you have to do is type the URL of the desired website in the search  box of the web proxy and the site will be open using the IP address of the web proxy.

The other method to browse anonymously is hide IP software; it can be easily downloaded and installed on your system, once installed it will mask your IP address every time you access the web. It is not often free but you can use a trail version for some time and its premium version is also available at a very reasonable price.

Surf the Web Anonymously and Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

There are many who think that by turning on the privacy setting of their web browsers, they can move through the internet anonymously without anyone able to steal information from them. Truly, they offer some privacy but not like the one required to totally mask you identity online. Browsers can help to delete cookies send by sites to your computer in order to get information from you. Browser can also work with your computer’s antivirus to protect you from receiving spywares. There is a limit to what browsers and antivirus can do to make you surf the web anonymously.

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Something people that depends on their browsers for protection don’t know is that their ISP’s and every websites they visit keep a log of their IP address. Anyone smart enough to hack into these logs can get your IP address and use it against you. If you do not know, you IP address or internet protocol address is your personal identification on the internet, making it a unique number which no one shares with you, because it is unique, it can serve as homing number on you.

It is very important that you hide your IP address because this single factor determines if you will stay anonymous online or not. A common method in hiding your IP is through     Free Web Proxy sites which can act as a barrier between your IP address and every website you visit. The effective of proxy is limited because it contains a lot of ads to make up for it’s free of charge status. Proxy can also be a means by which identity thieves gain access to your personal information, but you can avoid this problem by using a dependable Unblock Proxy Server.

The other effective way to surf the web anonymously without any limit is the use of paid IP hiding applications, by installing this software on your computer and picking a location of your choice, you can freely surf the internet without any worries of identity theft.

I will recommend you to use Facebook Proxy.

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Quick Guide to Anonymous Web Surfing

Pretty much everything you do online can be tracked, traced and recorded. It doesn’t matter if your computer is free of all viruses and malware every single time you’re online if somebody really wants to they can find out a whole lot about you in just a few moments.Identity-Protection

Well your IP address for starters, what country and town you live in, what opening system you’re using, which browser you’re web surfing with, your entire browser history, your computer or network name and that’s just for starters. That’s the really obvious and easy to find stuff.

All it takes is just one visit to a website and the scripts running on that site do all the rest, you won’t even know its happening.

The answer is that you need to surf the net in such a way that nobody can really track you. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to go online through what are called anonymous proxy servers for example Facebook Proxy. These servers replace your IP address with their own; this means that your IP address and your identity basically remain safe.


With the increase for anonymous surfing, more and more people are willing to provide ways to surf anonymously. The best way is to surf through Free Web Proxy sites; there are loads for you to choose from folks so it’s a matter of picking one you like. You have the choice of using a free proxy server or a paid version. Commonly free servers are used, because they are free and provide enough security to the user who is a casual web browser. Try surfing anonymous with a proxy server and see if you enjoy it or not, you’ll be a lot safer full stop.

I will suggest you to use Unblock Proxy Server if you are willing to protect your identity and browsing freely without paying anything.

Surf the Web Anonymous Protecting Your Information

A lot of people thing they might be surfing the web anonymous but in fact they are not. When you surf the web it is possible to get information about you even when you don’t want to give out who you are. It don’t matter if you have a virus or malware on your computer, they can get your information unless you protect yourself. Information that is easily available to get online includes your IP address, your country what computer system you using, what browser you use, and other information. It gets a lot worse. People can get your computers name and even find out what your real name is. You can protect yourself.dont-get-doxed-5-steps-protecting-your-private-information-web.w654

Now it is possible to surf the web anonymously, leaving no trail behind you for other people to trace you. It will make it harder for people to know who you are. They are called proxies for example Web Proxy for YouTube, which will hide your real information and replace it with other information, such as your browsers name and your IP address.  There are many vendors who sell anonymous proxy servers that will allow you to surf the web anonymously and leaving no trail at all grunting you full security.

There are still some things to keep in mind when surf the web. First, you should use a secure connection like Facebook Proxy to hide your surfing; if you search the web you will find more details how to surf the web with a secure connection. Secondly, always delete your cookies files after every browsing session.

If you are wondering for a secure proxy, I will recommend you to use Unblock Proxy Server.

What Really Works In Changing Your IP Address to Browse Anonymously

Cases of identity theft seem to be on the increase and so do IP hiding techniques, people now exhibits extra caution when releasing details about their credit cards and other vital information when they surf on the internet.  The techniques people now deploy when they transact business online appear to be increasing by the day.


The basic reason people now adopt various methods for example Unblock Proxy Sites to surf anonymously is based on the fact that most sites only allow you to use their sites only if your identity is disclosed. In actual fact, the real identities of users are never disclosed in order to provide some measure of privacy of uses. The fact is that if you can’t provide details of your location, you may be denied the opportunity of using some of these websites.

If you really want to hide your IP and surf anonymously while online, there are two ways you could pull through it; you could use a proxy server or alternatively, you could use software that could help you shield your IP.

The use of proxy servers i.e. Web Proxy for YouTube is on the increase these days, because it is free and very easy to use. The best part of the proxy server is that you have nothing to install on your system. You can use it with a valid internet connection. As most of the people use proxy to access blocked websites in certain networks so they can easily use proxy sites freely from their networks without revealing their identity.

The other method is IP hiding software, the best part of anonymous online transaction is when you buy and install an IP hiding software on your system. It is not only fast, but intuitive as well; users do no need to go through any proxy site before getting to their main site or destination.

I will recommend you to use YouTube Proxy for School to access blocked websites in your network, where social websites are blocked by administration.

How to Hide Your IP Address with Proxy Server?

Every time you use the internet, you’re being tracked by both your server and the servers you access. Your ISP keeps logs of your MAC address and your private IP address; the rest of cyberspace sees your public IP address assigned by you ISP. Your computer trail leads right to your doorstep.unlock-social-media

Whether or not you’re engaged in illegal or immoral activity, there’s reason to be worried about this lack of privacy on the internet. Even people who do nothing strictly unlawful deserve privacy. There are all kinds of reasons why being anonymous is important, and they are not all illegal.

Fortunately, there are now ways available to remain anonymous for example Facebook Proxy for School; proxy servers can hide your tracks for you. The websites, forums and web mails services you use all log your visits. Even social networking sits do. If you use your office’s network, the administrator keeps records of who uses it and when. Your public IP address may be changeable and have limited details only, but whoever gets past that and sees your private IP address and worse, your MAC address, will be able to identify you.

An anonymous proxy server can protect you from such tracking; there are two kinds of anonymizing proxies, disguised proxy and elite proxy. A disguised proxy is identifiable as a proxy server by the website you visit, but it still hides your real IP. An elite proxy is cleverly masked to look like a genuine IP address, and it also hides your original IP. The elite proxy is better because it makes you less suspicious.

There are a lot of proxies available if you want to remain anonymous you can use proxy.