How to Access Blocked Websites

In recent years many schools and offices usually block websites such as YouTube, MySpace and many others, if you are fed up with the restrictions that limit your use of the internet, you may want to know about the ways through websites can be unblocked. There are many easy ways of getting to blocked websites very easily. There are Free Web Proxy sites available which will allow you to access any blocked website bypassing the network filters imposed on internet users by the network administration of the organization or country government.


When using Unblock Proxy Server, you are able to connect to the server before you reach the destination URL. This means you only need the IP address that the proxy provides you with in order to surf the internet. All the data that you need is encrypted from the server and given to you.

No-Socializing Now you will want to know that why network administrators block these websites, the network administrator often block social websites, these websites are most visited ones, and they think that these are waste of time of the employee or student of any organization. They block the access with help of IP address of the systems in the network.

When you are using proxy server, you are using the IP address of the proxy server hiding your real IP address, so when you access the blocked website, the network administrator will not be able to get your real IP address and can’t block your access to the websites.

Many people have questions about proxy servers that either they are legal or illegal, they are not illegal. It is just that the mode of their operation is such that a classic case of how technology can be counterproductive.

The thing what you have to note is that you must know about the proxy server which you want to use, it must be from a dependable source because all your data will pass through it, and if you are using unreliable proxy your data is at risk. I will recommend you to use YouTube Proxy for School.

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