How Does Anonymous Surfing Protect?

When it comes to anonymous surfing, there are three main ways available to remain anonymous surfing the internet:

  1.  web-based anonymous proxy
  2. Protocol dependent proxies
  3. VPN tunneling

Web based anonymous proxy is an internet based service that allow you to browse the web through a proxy server with enhanced security features. Web based anonymous proxies are used only for web browsing. The working procedure of web based anonymous proxy is very simple, the user just has to open the Unblock Proxy Server site and enter the URL of the desired websites in its address box and after pressing enter button you will be able to access the website by using the IP address of the web proxy. There are some limitations however, as the main drawback of this technology is that the proxy doesn’t allow you to view all sites, more specifically the secure sites. It prevents you from viewing sites for banking and shopping purposes.


The other method is installing proxy server, installing proxy servers is significant way to carry out an anonymous surfing. There are in fact, a wide range of proxies that are used to carry out varying activities. For instance, you can use Free Web Proxy for browsing, for sending e-mail you can use a re-mailer and may more. However, the user of protocol dependent proxies is quite common these days.  The various protocols depend proxies include web proxy, socks proxy and SSH tunneling. The main drawback of using this technology is that they are entirely protocol dependent, so the software installed on your computer should have enough proxy support.

VPN tunneling is one of the best solutions that, assists in anonymous surfing. This web technology is widely used by financial intuitions, governments’ agencies and other large co-operations to provide security and privacy features to their data. Besides anonymous surfing, these protocols also help you to make an effective utilization of the internet. This technology does support data encryption policy.

If you want to browse the web anonymously without paying anything I will recommend you to use Facebook Proxy.

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